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Adventure Dining/Evening, at Pura Vida Gardens and Waterfalls, combines the natural beauty of Costa Rica with the “Dinner Experience of your Lifetime”.


Your Adventure begins with a scenic coastal drive before ascending one of Costa Rica's highest mountains. As you traverse the dense rainforest, breathtaking views appear around every turn. When you reach your final destination, you will simply say... WOW!. You can the stroll the manicured pathways of the gardens.

Our open air dining platform overlooks the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica & milles of pristine coastline. Fresh flowers, tiki torches & romantic music create an unforgettable ambience. As the sun sets over the mountains, you can enjoy our open bar as well as delicious appetizers. Dinner is begun with a delicious salad followed by entrees like filet with mushroom sauce & mahi-mahi, jumbo shrimp with garlic. After coffee & dessert, you are free to dance or simply enjoy the camaderie & music.

Bring your camera, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and if you would like to listen to your own special music, bring your iPod or iPhone. Most importabtle bring your spirit of adventure and get ready for the “dining experience of your lifetime”.
Seating is limited & reservations are required. Transportation to & from your condo or hotel is included, as are taxes. We leave the tipping to your discretion.



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